It’s About the Journey…..Right?

Welcome to my journey.  I am a mother, wife, daughter, former teacher, domestic Goddess (O.k. this one might be a stretch), and a modern woman trying to keep up with all that life hurls in my direction.  My journey has not gone down that straight path we all plan out in high school when we still know everything, imagine that?  When my life took one of those ninety degree hair-pin turns about six years ago it has been one crazy ride after another.

However, sometimes I didn’t quite know how to handle some of those shiny little nuggets of what life has to offer.  At those times, when I couldn’t find another source I would scour the internet for help, inspiration or sometimes, just a glimmer that someone else has survived something similar.  Now, I am hopefully going to payback those who may have unknowingly talked me off the ledge more than once, and to pay forward to readers who may just be joining the ranks of women who are trying to maneuver the minefield that is our lives.

Life is not always pretty or neat Sometimes it’s ugly and messy, but it is our life and we all need to work on taking life in its many forms and improving our future because of our present.  This is a lesson I am still trying to master and this blog is as much for me to remember what I have come through as it is to help those who are going through it.

Grab a coffee, tea, soda—whatever your beverage of choice may be and settle in.  Hopefully you will find some helpful tidbits.  Do you have a topic you can’t find on the internet?  Let me know, if you are looking for the answer chances are someone else is as well.

Remember, we only need to get through the next moment, not the next 100!  Deal with what is in front of you, not what you haven’t seen yet.

Mary Ann

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